Crowdfunding Flexible Payments

New product feature

The challenge

JustGiving Crowdfunding was birthed in September 2012. A lot's been learnt over the last few years that has helped sculpt the product. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) was a lever that we wanted to increase as part of our first quarter objectives. So, what was going to make our users happier?

What we knew

Design principles

Considering the knowledge and data we had:

  • Role - Lead UI Designer
  • Client - JustGiving
  • Year - 2016 - 2017

Crowdfunding creation flow

Unpicking the flows that the user came in on and where the leaks were.

Project 01b

Putting some data around the onbaording process helped us understand where we needed to focus our attention.

Crowdfunding withdrawal history

We needed to show the user their withdrawal history.

Crowdfunding withdrawal history

An extra step to make sure that the user has their expectations managed on when the funds will arrive. So that the CS team aren't burdened with more calls.

Crowdfunding withdrawal history

Helping to bridge the gap between UI/UX and Front-end dev I used to communicate the interactions of what withdrawing funding from your Crowdfunding Page would look like.

Crowdfunding Page Duration

To help explain the interactions around Page Duration functionality I also used to create a prototype.