JustGiving Crowdfunding Coach

New product feature

The challenge

Increase page value, boost page activation and sharing. We wanted to help users supercharge their crowdfunding.

What we knew

Design principles

Considering what we knew which principles would help us accomplish this?

  • Role - Lead UI Designer
  • Client - JustGiving
  • Year - 2016 - 2017

What we shipped

  • flows that helped users to create better page content
  • a system that could be reused on other JustGiving products
  • logic to avoid duplication of steps
  • an engaging flow that would inform users of the benefits
JustGiving Crowdfunding Coach
  • multichannel sharing in all its forms
  • educating content that helps explain why sharing boosts donations
  • a flow that coaches users to share but also allows them full control of when and to whom
JustGiving Crowdfunding Coach
Project 01a

Another Framer prototype to help to communicate some of the animations between steps