JustGiving Crowdfunding


The challenge

To help journalists and Google searchers find relevant stories while educating potential crowdfunders of our offering and how it could work for them.

What we knew

JustGiving is synonymous with event based fundraising and JustGiving Crowdfunding proposition needed explaining.

Design principles

  • Role - Lead UI Designer
  • Client - JustGiving
  • Year - 2016

What we shipped

  • animated hero that showcases the diversity of crowdfunding
  • clear messaging about JustGiving Crowdfunding
  • the wide breadth categories
JustGiving Crowdfunding hero

Using Framer.com to flesh out a loading screen and the hero interaction.

  • dynamic, social proof that people are crowdfunding now
  • ability to filter stories allowing journalists to come back regularly
  • featured content that marketing can control
  • load more projects on the same page
JustGiving Crowdfunding filtering