Campaign creation

Product enhancement

The challenge

JustGiving’s charity Campaigns product was not fit for what the future had in store. Following the acquisition of JustGiving by Blackbaud in 2017 existing product migration from Every Day Hero onto the JustGiving platform was imminent. Existing customers on both platforms needed an improved experience and new revenue streams were being considered.

What we knew

Design principles

With the insights we had, we needed to be respectful of current customer needs as well as Every Day Hero users who would become future JustGiving platform users:

  • Role - UI Product Designer
  • Client - JustGiving
  • Year - 2017 - 2018

Old Campaigns on JustGiving

The Charity's Campaign product had been left untouched for some time...

Campaigns home on JustGiving

We designed a dashboard where Charities could access all of their Campaigns and take actions immediately.

Campaigns lead state on JustGiving

The first step in campaign creation was stripped back so that we'd have a database entry to capture the campaign and display it in the dashboard if the users dropped out.

Campaign creation, JustGiving

Breaking the product down into sections helped users to understand what was needed to create a new campaign on the platform.

Publish a campaign on JustGiving

Giving users the ability to create a campaign immediately.

Schedule a campaign to launch later on JustGiving

We knew that users didn't always sit down and create campaigns to go live when they finished creating them. So we designed them to be able to schedule campaigns to go live when they wanted them to. Helping to connect them up with potential marketing plans and advertising pushes that might be happening in other channels.