OnCare website

Product enhancement

The challenge

OnCare’s current website needed to be updated. It was not an up to date representation of where the OnCare brand was heading. It wasn't hosted on OnCare's domain so valuable search engine traffic was being lost.

The brief was to port over all the content to a CMS that would we hosted and could access domain. At the same time I was tasked with updating the design, visual language and develop some brand guidelines to bring it all together.

The main client for this project were Care Agencies. We also wanted to make sure that potential investors would be able to get in touch, easily.

As with most start ups, all the dev resource was allocated to driving new features, developing new products and squashing bugs. This meant we’d need to choose a CMS and do all of the work ourselves.

What we knew

Design principles

  • Role - Product Designer
  • Client - OnCare
  • Year - 2019

OnCare current live website that needs updating

This site was created when the company was born and was needing some TLC

OnCare website on desktop and mobile devices

Desktop and mobile designs with new typography from the pattern library

OnCare mobile website navigation animation exploration

Which animation speeds and characteristics would the OnCare brand have? Using After Effects to animate UI is always a pleasure.