Lantum Retrospective Edits

New product feature

The problem

Rota managers can't make retrospective edits to past shifts without contacting Lantum's customer support team.

The challenge

Within healthcare staffing, things often don’t go according to planned. Acuity increases, so more staff are needed, especially in uncertain times.  Last minute changes are common. Staff often get moved around wards and locations with their hours being extended or reduced retrospectively.

What we knew

Design principles

  • Role - Senior Product Designer
  • Client - Lantum
  • Year - 2021


Together with a senior product manager we engaged with our internal teams, customer support, customer success and externally with  primary and secondary care organisations to discovery the main frustrations and intentions they had so that we could make sure that we solved their main pains issues.

Release plan

We want to release things that provide value to our customers throughout the entire project. We're allowing a window of 6 weeks or 3 sprint cycles. This has helped us to focus on what we can do and what we can't.


What we shipped

Retrospective editing is functionality that is only visible to Lantum staff and rota managers.

Post launch results

After shipping retrospective editing we saw a big drop in request tickets to our support teams.

Shift history scaleable timeline copy system