Lantum Shift Histories

New product feature

The problem

Rota manager can't track changes to shifts without contacting Lantum's customer support team.

The challenge

Lantum's customer support team use internal software to help customers understand why shifts had been edited or changed. This was a repetitive tasks and with user research and internal interviews we uncovered some clear issue.

What we knew

Design principles

  • Role - Senior Product Designer
  • Client - Lantum
  • Year - 2021


The customer service team were our internal stakeholders and held huge knowledge. We collaborated regularly and unpacked the challenges they faced. Tracking requests and workshopping together.

Workshop with the customer support team

FEBE - Lantum's internal software

OnCare current live website that needs updating

Who are the protagonists we need to design for?

We identified three actors in the product discovery. Lantum customer support, rota managers and workers. All of these actors would have a role to play in the product.

Handdrawn sketch of sho the protagonists were

Validate assumptions early

I've become agnostic to the tools I use and more focused on the outcomes not outputs. The feedback from this session was crucial in moving the project forward and validating our initial ideas.

Putting very early ideas infront of users for feedback

One copy system

Copy writing is part of product design and an area I think is often overlooked. With such a complexed feature how could I keep all of the interactions up to date and let everyone have access to it? I created a Google spreadsheet as an artefact that could be accessed by developers, designers and QA. It could be worked on asynchronistically across the cross functional team.

Shift history scaleable timeline copy system


Now that we knew enough and the cross functional team were aware of all of the testing and validating it was time for planning poker and walking the fine line between what not to include for V1.


What we shipped


I always like to plan for the future and having a V2 teed up has always been a good plan in my experience.