Lantum Email Preferences

New product feature

The problem

Healthcare managers have no way of controlling which email notifications they receive from Lantum.

The challenge

Managers are bombarded by email notifications from multiple sources, applicants for shifts, payments, important staff messages about shifts, staff withdrawing or accepting shifts, onboarding of new workers, pensions queries. however, they have had very little control over what they can turn on and off based on their organisation's requirements.

What we knew

Design principles

  • Role - Senior Product Designer
  • Client - Lantum
  • Year - 2021


We understood from internal feedback and monitoring our email tools where the majority of the problems were.

Practice managers couldn't manage email notification anywhere, so we'd need to find a place for this functionality to live.

While talking wigh users some email pains were verbalised


When delivering any project I make interactive prototypes for all of the potential scenarios. This makes sure that I've covered all possible eventualities. Often other members of the team will catch scenarios which I might have missed. I'll make a point of adding these so that when we test and build we are not creating churn for the teams.

Success metrics


This was not a massive project to design or build but was going to deliver a much better user experience. We planned to released everything at once.

What we shipped

Functionality only visible to rota managers when they are logged in. We did not allow users to change their emails in this version but exposed the email connected. They would need to contact customer support to do this.

Video of editing a shift and seeing the shift history