GiveCards by JustGiving

Give more with your card this Christmas

The challenge

Create an MVP where users can send Christmas cards to loved ones at the same time as giving a donation to a charity of their choice. Naturally this has to have a social aspect to it too.

Product criteria

Design principles

With the constraints of the product it was clear that we needed a simple microsite that could be understood clearly. Escorting users through the flow simply with minimal cognitive load.

  • Role - Lead UI Designer
  • Client - JustGiving
  • Year - 2016

What we shipped

  • an identity for GiveCards
  • shareable assets
  • a responsive microsite
GiveCard by JustGiving
  • easy to understand set of instructions
  • scaleable SVG graphics
  • JustGiving look and feel
GiveCard by JustGiving
  • four illustrative cards for giving and sharing
GiveCard by JustGiving
  • we surfaced six topical Christmas charities
  • also allowing users to search for the charity of their choosing
GiveCard by JustGiving